Journal entries and other forms of character building

I’ll be awarding efforts at making journal entries and other such forms of character development. These should be posted here or sent to me via email.

Another GM summed it up nicely, and so I’ll quote her words here:

Please don’t discount the importance of at least occasionally making some sort of “diary entry”, even if you’d rather handle it privately over email rather than putting it up here. They’re a great way for me to keep tabs on what you guys as players think is important in the game. This, in turn, helps us all to avoid situations where you guys really want to go chase after MacGuffin B, but I’ve put all my effort into fleshing out the storyline for Main Plot A and thus I’ve got very little for you with regard to MacGuffin B. It also helps me see if you guys overlooked a clue or plot detail that ended up not being as obvious as I thought it would be, so I can try to deliver it another way before you get too frustrated.

That pretty much says it all, and mirrors my (and probably most other) GMs’ sentiments nicely.

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty. In general:

  • a journal entry will grant you a 5% bonus to all XP earned in the following session
  • a picture or other piece of art/fiction that contributes to the atmosphere of the game or to the background of your character grants you 1 Blue Action Point.

But what constitutes a journal entry?

Well, of course your standard diary entry/session summary works well. In fact, writing your own interpretation of the events, then reading someone else’s, can lead to interesting insight. However, you don’t need to feel constrained by this format. A journal entry can be a summary of events, written in character or out of character, an internal monologue regarding a particular plot point or story development, or prose narrative describing a memorable scene that occurred during the session. In the end, as long as it helps you reflect on the previous session, the definition for “journal entry” is pretty broad.

Things that earn you Blue Action Points are things like portraits of your characters, pictures or descriptions of personal effects, pictures of how you imagine NPCs to look like, paintings or photos of locales that you think fit the descriptions you heard, etc. These can be self-made or Googled, as long as it gives others a good impression of the world you see in your mind. If you can show it to, read it to, or play it for the group, and it makes people nod and say “Cool!”, then that earns you a Conviction Point.

In terms of when to present these:

  • journal entries should be posted/sent before the next gaming session
  • pictures and other such Blue Action Point-earning things should be shared at the start of the next gaming session.

But wait! I hear you asking: How can I earn these fabulous rewards NOW? Have no fear. For the first session of actual game play post or send or bring me:

  1. a short background for your character, and
  2. a portrait/photo of what your character looks like.

Do this, and you will start the game with 1 Action Point, 1 Blue Action Point, and earn 5% more XP during the session.

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Journal entries and other forms of character building

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