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Goblins chew and goblins bite.
Goblins cut and goblins fight.
Stab the dog and cut the horse,
Goblins eat and take by force!
Goblins race and goblins jump.
Goblins slash and goblins bump.
Burn the skin and mash the head,
Goblins here and you be dead!
Chase the baby, catch the pup.
Bonk the head to shut it up.
Bones be cracked, flesh be stewed
We be goblins! You be food!

The Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path™ begins here, in the small coastal town of Sandpoint. Five years after a tragic fire and spate of brutal murders, the people of Sandpoint eagerly anticipate the Swallowtail Festival to commemorate the consecration of the town’s new temple. At the height of the ceremony, disaster strikes!

In the days that follow, a sinister shadow settles over Sandpoint. Rumors of goblin armies and wrathful monsters in forgotten ruins have set the populace on edge. As Sandpoint’s newest heroes, the PCs must deal with treachery, goblins, and the rising threat of a forgotten empire whose cruel and despotic rulers might not be as dead as history records.

On this page you will find links to the Adventure Log, as well as notes on Character Generation and House Rules.

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Adventure Log

Season 1: Burnt Offerings

  1. Episode 1: Of Goblins and Curry-spiced Salmon
  2. Episode 2: Newly Minted Heroes
  3. Episode 3: Law and Order: Sandpoint
  4. Episode 4: Massacre at the Glassworks NEW

House Rules


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