Character Generation

Your first step is to go here, and follow the steps outlined. In particular, and assuming you’ve decided on a class, I suggest Dyslexic Studio’s Character Sheet Composer, which individualizes character sheets for class. If you’re so inclined, you might also check out the Darktheatre iPad app.

Use the Pathfinder SRD as your guide, unless you’ve got access to the books. Even so, given the sheer quantity of source-books available, the SRD might be an optimal choice. However, be wary of 3rd party content. While not disallowed, it must be approved by the GM.

Attribute Generation
High Fantasy Point Buy (20 Points)

Races and Classes
Anything from an official Pathfinder book is OK, but no monster races or Psionic classes.
Anything from a 3rd party book must be approved by the GM.

Note that the Advanced Player’s Guide introduces many more character building options, such as new Classes and Archtypes. Feel free to use these to build your characters. On the SRD, these are denoted as Base Classes and Archtypes.

No Evil. No Chaotic Stupid (ie. CN). Otherwise any alignment is OK as long as it doesn’t undermine overall group harmony.

Level and Experience
Your characters will start at level 1. For now, we will be using the Medium track to determine when your characters level up.

Leveling occurs instantly and without the need for training, but after a period of reflection. Usually this means between sessions, though leveling up mid-session can be done if all parties agree upon it.

Equipment and Starting Money
Roll for starting gold as standard, though a particularly poor role may be petitioned. Any mundane equipment (including Masterwork items) from any official Pathfinder source-book may be purchased. Any equipment from 3rd party source-books must be approved by the GM.

Select 2 Traits. One trait must be selected from Campaign Traits list. The other may be selected from the list from the link provided above. As traits are, for the most part, not tied to race or class, you may select any trait (for example, a fighter may select a magic trait). Traits provide some background colour for your characters. Selecting a regional feat indicates that you were raised in that region.

You may circumvent the aforementioned Campaign Trait rule if you provide a credible reason for your characters to visit the town of Sandpoint or the Swallowtail Festival. If you do this, you may select any 2 traits from the link provided above.

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Character Generation

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