Action Point

An Action Point may be used in the following manner:

  • Take an additional Standard, Move, Swift, or Immediate Action
  • Act out of initiative turn. This also denotes your new place in the initiative.
  • Receive a +5 Luck bonus to any attack or damage roll, skill or attribute check, or saving throw. This bonus may be declared before or after a roll is taken. If used with a damage roll, this bonus damage is not multiplied.
  • Re-roll any attack or damage roll, skill or attribute check, or saving throw. The second result must be used.
  • Automatically confirm a critical hit made by your character.
  • Automatically negate a critical hit against your character.
  • Automatically stabilize your character.
  • Survive an attack that would otherwise outright kill your character. Your character is stabilized, but is at 1 HP away from death. (i.e. Constitution Score -1 in negative HP.)
  • Any other use deemed appropriate on a per case basis.

Only one Action Point may be used per round. Player characters will receive one Action Point at the beginning of a game session, which regenerates every 4 hours of real time, or at the beginning of a new session, which ever comes first. Unspent Action Points do not accumulate and are wasted.

In addition to these Action Points, players can gain a Blue Action Point in the following manner:

  • Submitting a piece of Campaign Atmosphere (once per session).
  • Gaining a level or completing a major portion of an adventure.
  • When deemed appropriate by the GM.

These Blue Action Points function in the same way as normal Action Points, but do not regenerate. Once spent, they are gone forever. However, unspent Blue Action Points carry over from session to session, and will continue to accumulate until spent. There is no limit to the number of Blue Action Points a player character can have.

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Action Point

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