Adventures on the Lost Coast

Of Goblins and Curry-spiced Salmon

In the port-town of Sandpoint, the residents were abuzz. It was the night before the Swallowtail Festival, most sacred of holy days to their patron goddess Desna. Not only that, but the Festival would also consecrate Sandpoint’s new cathedral.

For five years, in the wake of the Late Unpleasantness, the citizens of Sandpoint had toiled to raise a new place of worship. The memories of fire and murder were still fresh in the minds of some of the port-town’s denizens, but an indomitable spirit had helped them leave their past behind. Tomorrow was a new day, a special day.

Newly Minted Heroes

Still in the thick of battle, the local priest tended to a wounded Severia. The town square before the cathedral was now empty, only fire, blood, and bodies littering the street. The militia, it seemed, was nowhere to be seen, and so if fell upon the PCs to thwart the goblins.

Law and Order: Sandpoint

Incident Report 1411-01

Case No: 811-3219
Date: 3 Rova 4707
Reporting Officer: Anwar al’Nisr
Incident: Gorvi (Sandpoint dustman) involved in threatening behaviour and brandishing of a weapon.


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