Severia di Alise
Biography – Prequel

Severia was born in the Duchy of Llael. Her parents, two half-elves named Pro’Methias and Madel’Aine, made her a strange mix; a second-generation pure half-elf. Severia knew little of her lineage, except one of her grandmothers was a human warrior from a far distant land, highly skilled with a curved sword who captained a strange flying ship called a Windjammer. Her father Pro’Methias often spoke of Severia’s grandmother as being the living embodiment of a crane.

Her parents were part of an emerging middle class. Her mother, a devotee of Desna, was a simple shop keeper. It was her father that stood out Llael. Years ago he had witnessed a strange science, almost magic like, the new growing technology of firearms. He had pursued this in a scientific manner, supported by Duke Orric, though not with kindness. Pro’Methias was under the patronage of the Duke, researching and seeking to perfect this new technology at the Duke’s pleasure. As such, Severia grew up in a strange mix of rural village life but also in a laboratory environment. Being half elf, her hair always grew back over time with each accident in her father’s lab.

She spent her youth learning with her father, first in a child-like capacity, but as she started to become a teenager, with a genuine interest. She would assist her father with the alchemical process necessary to create the volatile black powder, do wood work and metal forging to craft these strange devices. When her father finally realized that she had learned as much as she had despite his intent her taught her how to handle the prototype pistol he was creating. Her mother disapproved, but Severia was certainly Daddy’s little girl.

While Pro’Methias was the stronger influence on Severia’s upbringing, Madel’Aine influenced her through a strength of character. Severia did believe in the stars and when she became aware enough of herself, she became a follower of Desna like her mother.

Apart from her family, she had a few friends, but Edmund was her closest. A human boy, they would play with wooden swords in the fields, and it wasn’t long before Severia’s folks started to consider an explosive problem of a different kind. Life for Severia was looking up.

This was not to be a happy beginning. At a young age Severia started to complain of seeing “things” she could not explain, and her folks initially did not believe in Severia’s ramblings. However, the local Desnan priest did warn Severia’s parents that spectres had more than a passing interest in their daughter, and she was more aware than others of their presence. Her father, though not a magical luddite, discounted this. Only Madel’Aine took the warning seriously and tried to pass on a motherly warning to her daughter and stay true to her beliefs. Ill omens proceeded to follow, however Severia sought to bury herself in working with her father.

Duke Orric, while being the patron for Severia’s family, was enmeshed in the various struggles that wagged across the lands. His patronage of the family was viewed with contempt in court, and he himself ridiculed Pro’Methias’ work behind his back. It was more that he had a pet brainiac in his court as a means to impress other nobles. Severia’s father always suspected this, but never knew the truth until the disastrous field test.

The Duke and his court summoned Severia’s whole family to display his works. Pro’Methias felt his creation was ready to be shown and presented to his patron. Severia witnessed something unbelievable; a spirit actually prevented the pistol from firing. Despite even stripping and reassembling the pistol, Pro’Methias could not get a spark, let alone a fizzle. The Duke, finally having lost his humour, locked Severia’s mother in the castle as a hostage, with the warning to make his investment work or else.

Within a week, Severia’s life turned upside down. The night after her family was split apart, she started to receive horrible nightmares. Over a week’s duration, as melancholy and depression took over her house, the dreams became worse until she was bombarded nightly with visions of a fiery world, wrought with death and destruction. Then, on the seventh night, the nightmares became vivid enough to make her realize that Varisia was a cause of this, starting at the nearby town of Sandtail.

That night, the troops of Duchess Lilith from the neighbouring Ymperia, launched a surprise attack in the middle of the night. Woken rudely through the dream above, Severia found the Duchess’ troops routing Orric’s mercenaries ahead of her village. Fleeing, Orric’s mercenaries passed by Severia’s family house with word that Orric’s hold had been set ablaze and everyone within put to the sword. There were no survivors.

Pro’Methias, stricken with grief, sought to confront these attackers barehanded but was killed when the attackers reached her house. Severia and her friend Edmund raced back to the family workshop to gather what goods she could, along with the troubled pistol. The two of them had almost gotten away when the Duchess’ infantry found them. Edmund, charged with heroic ideas of defending the girl he thought he cared for, ran forwards to save Severia. She ran as fast as she could, but was able to see the moment the attackers tired of Edmund’s poor sword skills and cut him down ruthlessly.

Since that night, Severia had been on the run. Spending almost five days in the woods, she barely survived before exiting the forest. She found her way to a neighbouring village untouched by the attack. Selling some of her father’s less important possessions, she bought some basic equipment including a sword, and after some nightmare fuelled sleep and food at a local inn, she proceeded to follow her only lead; the dream warning originating in Sandtail.

Her adventures truly begin here.


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