Adventures on the Lost Coast

Newly Minted Heroes

Still in the thick of battle, the local priest tended to a wounded Severia. The town square before the cathedral was now empty, only fire, blood, and bodies littering the street. The militia, it seemed, was nowhere to be seen, and so if fell upon the PCs to thwart the goblins.

From up the street came a scream. Now supported by a militiaman medic, Doc Smith, the PCs rushed towards the White Deer Inn.

Laying dead on the street was a hunting dog. The culprit killer a massive, ugly looking goblin dog, complete with rider. As the goblin rider laughed on, backed up against the inn was a cowering man. Three more goblins closed in, wicked dog-slicers at the ready.

The PCs charged, in quick succession taking out the goblin foot soldiers. The goblin rider charged, but fell to sword blows and bullet strikes. In an instant, the combat was over.

The day had been won, and as the citizens of Sandpoint dusted off their knees, the PCs soon found themselves lauded as heroes. Tending to the wounded and helping where they could, the PCs soon fell into exhausted sleep.

The next morning saw fresh pastries and bread being offered to them for free. Girls giggled as they passed, man and women both greeting the PCs a hearty hello. Promises of discounts and special deals followed them as they made their way through the streets of the town. Bewildered by their new found fame, the PCs arrived at their destination.

Alexios had come in search of information, and the local sage, Brodert Quink, seemed the man with the answers. The conversation moved from topic to topic, and the PCs learned the details of the Late Unpleasantness, as well as his theories about the ancient Thallasian Empire.

As the PCs toured the area around Quink’s shop, they were greeted by Doc Smith. He had been searching for them, explaining that the Mayor and Sheriff would like to speak to the PCs. Arriving at the town hall, the PCs were quickly escorted to the back rooms.

Mayor Deverin and Sheriff Hemlock where there to greet them, as well as an elven ranger. After pleasantries were exchanged, the Sheriff introduced the ranger, Shalelu. An “unofficial” member of the town militia, she patrolled the wilds keeping tabs on the goblin tribes.

In light of the recent events, Sheriff Hemlock explained that he would be headed to Magnimar to seek aid against further goblin attacks. To this end, he asked the PCs to act as sort of deputies, banking on their new and recognizable status. The PCs agreed.

That evening, they dined with Shalelu, where they learned more about the goblins in the area.

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